SKILL – Sports

Seriously? Is SPORT an employable skill?

Certainly can be!

Here is why:

  • Getting to training or games on time is you being punctual and reliable.
  • Doing drills and encouraging your team-mates is you demonstrating teamwork and communication
  • Having to organise your gear for training or games is you showing organisation.
  • Having to juggle school, sporting commitments (and perhaps work), is you showing commitment and responsibility.

Some things you might DO at your club:

  • SportPlay
  • Run Boundary
  • Umpire
  • Coach
  • Run Drills
  • Score
  • Run (Juice / instructions etc)
  • Sell Raffle Tickets
  • Canteen Duty
  • Catering (for functions)
  • Select Players
  • Draw up Rosters
  • Write reports for Newspapers
  • Organise transport
  • Be a member of a committee
  • Captain your team (or Vice Captain)
  • Organise / order jumpers or equipment
  • Time Keeping
  • Recording Results
  • Setting up fields. eg. line-marking
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