Where are the jobs?

jobs hard to findHow do you feel about that sentence ‘jobs are hard to find?’, it almost contradicts the other popular career mantra, ‘follow your heart and do what you love’.

If you were to read between the two lines, you might conclude that there is potential for your passions to lead you to….
no-where-ville. What a comforting thought—not!

Now I realise that you probably don’t give a frogs toss about this, particularly if you adopt the ’she’ll be right’ attitude by placing your future in the hands of Madame fate.

Or, are you the rarefied species, able to adapt career decisions based on hard core evidence?

Perhaps you can’t make up your mind between two different careers. Would it be wiser to go for a career with better job prospects?

What can be done?

It does not take too much time nor energy to locate the information about career/s you are interested in and their future job prospects. (ie. The likelihood of you finding full time work)

Job Outlook

    • Job Outlook to the rescue! This web site contains all the nitty-gritty about future job prospects (plus loads of other useful job information).
    • Oot’s simple Youtube clip explains how to search and compare job prospects on the Job Outlook web site.


  • Also particularly useful – with clear as crystal future job forecasts…. is the myfuture website.

Victorian Skills Gateway

  • If you are wanting to go straight into the work force (ie apprentic/traineeships) after secondary school and you need to feel confident about getting regular work, try the… Victorian Skills Gateway.

Jobs may be hard to find, but researching job prospects NOW might make the difference between you finding employment, or not, once you hit the workforce.

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