11 Resume Toons


“Miss, I have lost my Resume and I need it for an interview tomorrow”


Why? Did your dog eat the USB which had your resume on it?

Perhaps you stored your resume on the main drive at school – and those evil, despicable, technicians obliterated all your work!?

Can you remember all the do’s and don’t s for a great resume?

Luckily, my 11 one-minute cartoon clips, talk through the critical points of each section of a school leavers resume and you can download a sample resume from my blog, watch (AND listen to) the clips, and create a new (draft) resume to hand in for inspection.

No matter your age, or circumstance, your resume should always be handy (and stored securely)… remember this the next time you see your dog eyeing off your tasty USB!

Say it:

Resume is pronounced:



Where are the clips?

Follow this link: A school leavers resume


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