Skills & Abilities – In a Paragraph

MAP your Answers to the Employers ‘Needs’

You can just use the examples provided on our Checklists “as-is” on your resume. However, if you want to take it that one step further you can MAP your Answers to the Employers ‘Needs’.

For example: if you have ticked “able to work without supervision” this could be matched (depending on the scenario) to the employers needs of “Reliability, Commitment & Common Sense“. So in your resume (or letter of application) you could write:

"Well known in classes at Cobram Secondary College for my common sense approach to tasks and commitment to getting the job done, I can be relied upon to work without supervision".
See how you are then telling the employer what they want to hear? You have also placed your skill in a real life situation (in class at school) – and if you have asked a teacher to be your referee to back you up on this statement – even better!
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