ATAR Shopping

You may experience the joy and mesmerising shock of receiving a higher ATAR than expected.

This is GRAND and EXCITING! But be aware of the booby-trap (such an ancient expression – brings visions of a barbed-wire bra to mind!) of going on a shopping spree with this apparent ‘gift’.

You may want (or be encouraged by well-meaning friends and relatives) to alter your preferences and ‘shop‘ for a university course to match your ATAR.  Afterall, you deserve an upgrade! Right?



I recommend you tread carefully, your ‘upgraded’ choice may be more prestigious looking, but it could very well leave a bitter taste in your mouth (much like a lemon) when you realise, a few months into your upgrade, that you are studying subjects you kinda despise.


Bottom line…

To do well at Uni, and be happy in yourself, you need to be studying something that you are passionate about!  Therefore, my ultimate tip is:

Stick to what you LOVE.
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