Mobiles GO-BILE

OnceIt is a tale as old as time…

…the younger generation has ‘a thing’, which the older generation did not have.

For example…

…once upon a time, telephones were attached to a wall—you had to wait until you were home to make a call, and then sit at the wall to do it. (Surprisingly not many people got hit by a train or tram whilst on the phone back then!)


… Phones are, well, mobile (dah!) and the mega-majority of people possess them. People also possess different ideas about the way they should be used too…..

Older people ’see’ phones in a different light to younger people. They know, with 100% certainty, that if you don’t check your phone every 2 seconds, the world will continue to revolve (this is called gravity). As long as the world is revolving, then you can get on with life, and work, and making money.

angryThis way of seeing telephones in a different light is why many employers GO-BILE (they look disgustingly green and pukey) when they see you using your mobile in the workplace instead of working.

Apart from the ‘attached to the wall thing’, and the ‘world continuing to revolve’ thing here’s the MEGA thing:

  • Bosses kinda own their business to MAKE money.
  • They pay you an hourly rate so YOU can HELP them make money.
  • They have every good reason to GO-BILE when you use your mobile for YOUR personal stuff.
  • If you are using your phone, you are NOT working, therefore, you are NOT making them money!
  • Grrrr!!

You can argue the ’multi-tasking’ thing, but, honey, your boss is still the wo/man with the purse! Don’t go for the GO-GO-BILE! Many young people have lost jobs for inducing the bosses GO-GO-BILE. Don’t let this be you!

Watch my clip here.

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