manufactureMany of us live near one, or know of one (or two). Like ants, busy about their business, vehicles and people enter and exit, intent on their secretive missions.

Many of us, unless we are acquainted with the inner-workings in one way or another, have little understanding of what goes on inside a manufacturing business.

hairnetAre you guilty of thinking that the building is full of hair-netted-clones who like to stand at a conveyer belt, doing mindless repetitive tasks all day long? Oh ye of little imagination—ye are so wrong!

Manufacturing places are like large-villages… there are all sorts of people, doing all sorts of jobs.

The range of qualifications held by workers, vary from on-the-job training, to trades, to TAFE qualifications to University Degrees and more.

There are office workers, cleaners, laboratory workers, trades, OH&S Reps, executives, manual labourers, engineers, caterers, Human Resources (people who hire, fire and pay wages), and the list goes on and on! So much so, that most of you would find a job, highly suited to you, within the manufacturing sector.

And yet, we continue to drive past with our pre-conceived-hair-net-ideas. Hmmm, go figure!

Try my Padlet for Manufacturing size…

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