SKILLS – School Subjects

subjectsSounds a bit weird, but your favourite school subject/s can provide many work skills which you can add to your resume…

let’s explore a few ideas here:


What you might say in your resume….

What an Employer might think


I enjoy and am good at maths.

I can make mental additions accurately.

I am able to problem solve quickly.

Good at maths! Great!

That will be good for measuring angles!

Hallelujah! I really need a problem solver!


English is one of my favourite subjects at school.

I particularly enjoy creative writing.

I am good at spelling and have neat hand writing.

Someone who can read and write! Great!

Oh, that would be good, someone with a bit of imagination!

Fantastic, I will be able to read and make sense of hand written notes!


I enjoy photography and have an amazing portfolio which I can show you.

I regularly exhibit my work at the local Agriculture show

I could use somebody with a bit of imagination in this job.

OK, so good at getting things done on time, I like that!


Science is a favourite subject of mine, I consistently receive top marks.

I particularly enjoy biology.

Good at science? That means they can think clearly and logically which is good for my business.
That could be handy for a future project.

I love art and have created some amazing pieces of work.

Award winning ANZAC painting.
Excellent at colour coordinating

That would be good for window displays!

Obviously doesn’t mind competing against others… this is good…

Perhaps they can fix up the central display in the shop – it needs a bit of work.


I play the guitar and piano and attend lessons each week.

I make sure I practice each night for at least an hour so I can improve.

Can commit to something, I like that.

Can organise their timetable and stick to it, I like that too!

Health & PE

Regularly achieve excellent results.

Enjoy maintaining fitness and participating in classes.

Theory can be tricky in PE, so this kid must be good!

I like having fit kids on staff, better than those who spend their whole time on their apps!


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