To VCAL or not to VCAL?

There are many Year 10s considering this very question as they are asked (by their school) to choose which certificate they want to study for Year 11 & 12.


Many people treat VCAL as a poor cousin to the VCE, I say POO to that!

(Am I allowed to say poo? Too late!)

It doesn’t matter which certificate you do, what matters most is how you approach the learning, and how much effort you put into it.

shoe shineFor example; you can’t make leather shoes ‘shine’ unless you use polish, brush and a bit of elbow grease.  Same goes with your certificate, if you want results, you ‘put in’. Simple!

The VCAL certificate is an amazing qualification to study as it is specially designed to build employable skills (communication, teamwork, sense of self, work habits, problem-solving, etc.). These are skills enthusiastically snapped up in the workplace.

May I hasten to add that you end up with TWO qualifications (and sometimes THREE) at the end of VCAL! (I am talking about intermediate and senior VCAL here).


This is because a VET subject or/and school based apprenticeship is added to your learning. Hello, these are TAFE qualifications! You will be a Tertiary learner!

Yes, VCAL learning is different to VCE, the reporting style is also poles apart. But it is the CONTENT of your report that employers will want to see, and will help them to make a judgment about employing you.

A positive report (in either certificate) is worth its weight in gold. The skills you gain in VCAL are highly sought after by employers.

opportunity aheadDon’t be a ‘Negative Nancy’ about VCAL, treat it like an opportunity, embrace it, learn from it, grow with it and empower yourself for the working future.


NOTE: Continue to learn and grow after VCAL too, throw some extra TAFE qualifications under your belt - this can lead to better pay and more opportunities as you move forward.
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