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Sometimes securing work experience with a local media company can be like, boiled-lolly-HARD, but don’t let this stop you. There a many ways to gain experience. Try these ideas:

  • Invite a journalist to speak in class
  • Ask them to read some of your work.
  • First! Ask your English teacher to proof your work
  • Keep a portfolio, blog, wiki with writing pieces.
  • Follow a journalist on twitter / social media
  • Write articles for your school (newsletter or magazine) – this is a great way to have YOUR work published!
  • Send some of your work to your local newspaper.
  • Ask everybody you know if they have a journalist friend or acquaintance, and then get in touch
  • Ask for an information interview.

listAn information interview (plying them with career-related questions) can be used for a number of purposes from finding out more about a career (dah!), securing work experience or building your career networks.

Watch my Youtube clip to find out how….

To get some basic factoids about Journalism, myfuture (opens in new window) provides a great snapshot – as well as a video to watch and links to follow.

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