Phone Calls – An Intro

mousetrap_fingerMost of my students would rather stick their finger in a loaded mouse trap than make a phone call. It is one of the scariest things to do. Even talkers don’t like talking on the phone!

I have a little intro-formula that you are welcome to use. This intro-formula will ensure that your call doesn’t turn into a “guessing game” for the person at the other end.

intro = introduction

Dead Scared Teens

The majority of employers actually understand that teens are dead scared about talking on the phone, so as soon as they know that you are a teen, they will automatically try and make the phone call much easier for you…. However, because they can’t SEE that you are a teenager, someone has to tell them, and that someone is YOU!

My little formula goes like…

…strictly in this order

phone intro

Breaking it down

Hello, my name is...

  • Names are good. Have you ever had a conversation with a person you know, and you can’t remember their name? Instead of focussing on the conversation you spend the whole time thinking “what the hell is your name?”
  • It’s the same on the phone; if you launch into the fourth line (I would like to speak to someone about…) the person at the other end is wondering “who on earth IS this person?

Polite2I am a YearStudent…

  • By saying your year level, you are giving them context. You are actually letting them know that you are a teenager (and that it is highly probable that you are scared witless).

From …… School

  • By saying which school you are from, you are providing more context. This allows the employer to know if you live locally or further away.

I would like to speak to someone about …., please

  • Most employers are pretty busy and like to get to the point relatively quickly.
  • Did you notice the polite word ‘please‘ on the end of this sentence?


Repeat, echo, repeat…

If you are transferred to another person, then you need to repeat your intro.

Guaranteed, you will feel stupid repeating yourself, but it is necessary because you will have no idea if the first person, told the second person about your credentials (who you are, where you are calling from and why)?

By repeating yourself, the person at the other end doesn’t have to play the guessing game (who are you and why are you calling?)

Your ideas…

Good luck with your intro… if you have any ideas or suggestions on how YOU think a telephone intro should go, please share!

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