Work Experience – a letter

knotsMany of my students tend to tie themselves in knots when trying to write a letter for work experience.

Here I explain a few simple paragraphs to smash out a letter for work experience.

There are SIX tiny paragraphs:

  1. What
  2. Me
  3. Why
  4. The aim
  5. When
  6. Thankyou

Example ONE

What I am writing this letter seeking work experience in hairdressing at your salon.
Me I am friendly and have a bubbly nature and like playing with my friends hair.
Why I would like to try hairdressing because this is a career I am thinking of doing in the future.
The Aim I hope to gain an understanding of the day to day operations in a salon and the skills needed to be a good hairdresser.
When Our school has a work experience commencing Monday 5th May. I hope this is suitable for you.
Thankyou Thank you for your time.

Example TWO

What I am seeking working experience in engineering. I was hoping that I could do this with you.
Me I work with my dad regularly at home, welding and making things like trailers and farm stuff.
Why I would like to see what it is like to work in a real engineering workshop and explore the different things that you make.
The Aim I hope that doing a week of work experience with you will help me decide if engineering is for me.
When Our school is flexible with work experience weeks, however, I was hoping that sometime during March would suit you.
Thankyou Thank you for reading my letter.

Example THREE

What I am writing this letter to ask for work experience in your veterinary practice.
Me I really like animals, and have many pets. I look after them extremely well and enjoy their company. I breed Labradors.
Why I am thinking of a career in animals – possibly a Veterinarian.
The Aim I understand that it is really difficult to become a VET, so I was hoping that you will be able to talk to me about this and what I need to do, and what VCE subjects I need to study in the future.
When Our College has two weeks set aside for work experience: 15 to 19 March and 6 to 10 June. I hope that one of these weeks suits you. 
Thankyou Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep your letter simple, straight-forward and easy to read.

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