And… your five year plan is?

sweatFive Year What??!!

Unless you are a ‘planning freak’, this question will put your mind into a spin! Many employers add this question to their interview list:

"So, what is YOUR five year plan?”

Why do they ask this #shocker question! What are they looking for? How can you answer it?


I like to get my students to think about this question from the employers perspective (reverse the roles). I ask them,

"as a boss - what kind of answers would you want to hear from the prospective employee?"

Answers vary, but many will identify the following:

  • do they plan on sticking around?
  • do they have some ambitions (eg want to continue to improve on the job – maybe promotions)?
  • do they have ideas about what to spend their wages on?
  • will they be there long enough to make money for the business?


Once you have thought about WHY the employer is asking this question, it is easier to develop a reasonable answer – one that suits you.

My YouTube toon provides some clues on how to answer this pesky question—I  invite you to spend exactly 2 minutes and 14 seconds of your time to watch it.


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