Where ARE the Uni’s in Victoria?

Uni whereWhen you first begin thinking about the University / TAFE question….

Will I go?

It can be very confusing!

Many students will have a large number of schools (Uni’s & TAFES) to choose from – because they live close-by or have public transport on their doorstep.

For others, the LOCATION can be a MAJOR consideration in the decision-making processes.

After all, some of us live like a 'six-cola-pack' trip away from the closest University or TAFE! 
AND there is no public transport in sight! OR it goes in the wrong direction!

So that you can see where Tertiary Institutions are – in relation to where you live – I have created two simple google maps (below).

Of course, location is just ONE in many factors influencing your choices, but it is something you should explore – you might even be surprised where some of the schools are located!

Tip: click on the map to enlarge it and use your mouse/cursor to zoom in and out and click on the pins to discover who is where.

Where are Universities  in Victoria / NSW?

Where are the TAFEs in Victoria? 

Don’t forget that you also have other choices, for example, Local Learning Centres and Distance Education.

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