Stylish Resume or Letter…

styleYou (school student) have two things to struggle with when creating your resume or letter of application.


The content of your resume (what to write in it, and where).


The layout of your resume (making stuff #stay-put on the page).

  • I am often surprised to see the strategies that my students employ to force a word into place on a page… usually, the good old space-bar cops a fair hammering.
Poor spacebar!

spacebarSimple As…

oldbirdI must admit, I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to word processing, there are a whole heap of features on Word (Microsoft) that I could rabbit on about – but I won’t.

When I show my students a few simple tricks with Word or Publisher to help them tame the layout of their resume – they look at me in a whole new light. I can see the thoughts flashing through their mind:

"That old bird really knows some random sh#@%!"

My 3 top-secret secrets…

I have THREE secrets for making remarkable looking resumes/documents. AND, they are ever-so-simple! (If you know them already – hats off to you!)

  1. Know your Styles
  2. Get aligned
  3. Show/Hide

I have created some Youtube clips (below) to unveil my secrets.

Trust me, once you get the hang of what I am about to show you, you will speed up your publishing work and save HEAPS OF TIME! That's gotta be a good thing right?

Know Your STYLES

NOTE: All word-processing software are similar when it comes to STYLES, you just need to explore yours to find out how it works!


I am really sorry if you know the stuff outlined in this short clip, but I am astonished (quite frequently) at how many of MY students have NO IDEA about the align buttons….


A bit like#hide-n-seek,  Show/Hide is fun when you get in the groove… thanks to the guys who produced this (Leadership Matters)…


Are you ready to tackle your own resume? I provide a sample resume here at this post, you are welcome to steal it, change it and style it to suit YOU!

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