Qualifications and Certificates

qualificationThere are a limited number of qualifications or certificates that a School Student can possess.

The certificates listed on your Resume should be stored in your Portfolio – if the employer wants proof of the qualification – you will be able to show them.

  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol)
  • First Aid (What Level is yours?)
  • Safe@Work OH&S Certificate – General
  • Safe@Work OH&S Certificate – Industry Specific (eg Plumbing or Hospitality)
  • Construction Induction Training (CI Card) – This was previously called the White/Green card.
  • Probationary/Learner’s Drivers Permit
  • Food Handlers Certificate
  • Barista – coffee making course
  • Active After School Qualification
  • Umpiring or Coaching Qualifications
Can you think of any others? Again, if you are going to list it on your RESUME, you must hold the relevant paperwork in your PORTFOLIO.

qualification2What it looks like….

Your qualification list might look like the one here (right). Note that the qualifications are listed from the most recently acquired (ie 2016 first, then 2015, then 2014).

If you know the LEVEL of the qualification – include this. Actually (I am truly not trying to labour this point) you SHOULD know the LEVEL because you have the Certificate stored in your Portfolio – don’t you?

What about VETiS qualifications??

I usually place VETiS subjects under the heading of EDUCATION – rather than Qualifications/Certificates – but this is a personal preference – you may choose otherwise. However, I recommend that you BOLD the word that you want to pop. For example:

  • VETiS Certificate II Engineering.

For more resume clues click me.


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