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The following is not particularly riveting reading, but this info may assist you to understand that people (including yourself) can choose to tackle resumes in three different ways.

To save you wondering (and possibly reading further) school leavers are normally encouraged to write a COMBO resume – a combination between the chronological and functional kind.

The Chronological Resume

qualification2The dictionary defines chronological as: “arranged in, or according to, the order of time” so in a chronological resume your:

  • education,
  • work history,
  • qualifications,
  • certificates

are all listed in order of when you #got, #did or #received them – with the most recent at the top (of course!).

The Functional resume

The dictionary defines Functional as: “of, or relating to, a function“.

A person writing a Functional resume zooms in on the jobs they have done, or tasks they have performed. If you would like to SEE what a functional resume LOOKS like, you can view one here: MONSTER functional resume

In a perfect world, the writer should only discuss the jobs or skills that are relevant to the position/vacancy they are applying for.

on the noseIt appears however that the Functional resume is a bit on the nose and not particularly favoured by employers (see Susan Irelands article).  The combination style is preferred by the majority of employers (again Susan Irelands article is an enlightening read!).

Whew! Obviously, as a school leaver, you are on the right track choosing a COMBO resume!

The Combination (Combo) resume

marraigeRemember, this is the #resume-method that most School Leavers are encouraged to adopt!

This approach fuses together the Functional and Combination resume styles – in a perfectly harmonious COMBO marriage.

 Told you! Riveting stuff!

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