Acing the Spacing in Your Letter…

Once upon a time…

…it was easy as pie for school boys and girls to lay out a letter (correspondence) correctly – after all, they practised it a #gazillion-times-over in typing classes.

typewriterYou won’t believe this, but typing letters was truly a highly competitive sport! Who could type the fastest with the fewest (if any) mistakes?

This, of course, took place on the good old typewriter – there was no backspace to fix up mistakes, AND to centre or align text we had to count words/characters! True!

Nowadays, as far as I can make out, setting out a letter – in a professional way – is not a skill taught at school (or maybe just briefly), and yet a school leaver is expected to know how to rapidly tap out a letter of application at the behest (command) of an employer.

I guess that it is lucky that thou has the SEARCH power to Youtube this issue!

So, YOU may not know how a letter is supposed to be laid out correctly, but, sure as eggs, most employers do! And you don’t want to displease the employer! Do you?

AcingSpacingAcing the Spacing…

Below is an example of a letter, spaced out correctly (or roughly so), with some visual clues on SPACING.

  • YES, you need to COUNT the diamonds. 🙂
  • NO, you DON’T ADD your own diamonds!! 😐

Letter Layout

More clues…

For more letter writing clues and resume clues look for the tabs above…



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