Fresh Course Changes…

thinkingEvery year, while Year 12 students are thinking about what course to choose at Uni/TAFE, someone is sneakily taking away courses and adding new ones in the background.


How do you know if the course you want is still there? Dah! It won’t be on VTAC when you apply for it! Easy!

But wait! Maybe the course has simply been renamed - and hasn't necessarily disappeared altogether! How do you know?

Then, there are the #brand-spankin-new degrees finding their way into the mix.  New courses can take a #looooong time to appear on VTAC too, so you are at the mercy of the timelords here.

Imagine that your determination to study a particular degree takes you four hours drive away from home, then you find out the same degree is offered closer to home. Hmmm.

Your schools’ Careers Practitioner may know many of the new courses available, but their hard drive (memory) isn’t quite as good as VTAC’s handy list – this New & Cancelled Course List is regularly updated and will unveil every secret going on behind the scenes.

Go on, knock yourself out and take a glimpse of the list!

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