Exchange Programs

Expand your horizons, make new friends and develop employable skills and abilities by participating in an exchange & or volunteer program.

Q: When can you go on an exchange....?  A: During High School or University!

It is up to YOU to research the various companies to find out more about exchange programs.  Researching for exchange programs is similar to researching for jobs, so you will learn valuable skills along the way.

The following links will help get you started:

Exchange AFS


American Field Service – Inter-cultural Programs Australia

AFS is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organisation that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

Link to AFS

Exchange AFX


Australia France eXchange

High School and Gap Year programs to France.

Link to AFX.

Exchange WEP


World Education Program

Study overseas in more than 20 countries with World Education Program (WEP) Australia. Our international student exchange programs offer you a transformational learning experience hand-in-hand with unsurpassed quality of support and attention to every student and family.

Link to WEP.

Exchange EF


Education First

If you want to improve a language, then EF is a great choice. Their mission is “to break down barriers of language, culture and geography”…

Link to EF.

Exchange Rotary

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange Australia provides an opportunity of a lifetime for young Australians aged between 15 & 17 to study abroad.

You’ll spend up to 12 months living and studying in a foreign country, learning a lot about yourself and the culture of your adopted host families.

Link to RYE.

exchange AusNZ

Student Exchange

Student Exchange – Australia New Zealand

Being an exchange student is a challenging, rewarding and fun experience. You’re not a tourist or a guest. You’re actually living in your host country as a member of that community.

Link to Student Exchange.

Exchange StudentExchange

Student Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Programs

STS is one of the world’s leading organisations for language training and international youth exchange.

Link to Student Exchange


Youth for Understanding

 Youth for Understanding

“Make the World your Home” – YFU advances inter-cultural understanding, mutual respect and sound responsibility through education exchanges for youth, families and communities.

Link to YFU.

exchange ISV

International Student Volunteers

International Student Volunteers

ISV’s mission is to support sustainable development initiatives around the world through life-changing volunteer and responsible adventure travel programs designed to positively change our world and to educate, inspire and result in more active global citizens.

Link to ISV.

exchange UWC

United World Colleges

United World Colleges

Every year since 1962, UWC has brought thousands of students from all across the planet together, to finish high school in 1 of 12 schools, in as many countries— for peace. A two year adventure studying the IB (International Baccalaureate) with exams at the end.

Link to UWC.

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