What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is a sum of money awarded to an individual (either a one-off payment or a regular allowance) to assist with their further education. Every scholarship has different selection criteria and purposes for example:

  • rural students for their accommodation,
  • high academic results (ATAR) for entry to a particular institution or course.

How much?

Amounts vary widely, but even small amounts can make a big difference in day to day uni life. It might mean that you don’t have to find the money to purchase text books, or that you do not have to find part-time work to keep your head above water. Whatever the amount, it is well worth the effort to apply.

How do you apply?

Can’t answer that! Mostly because application processes differ significantly! Being willing to allocate time to the task is essential, and getting your head around the deadlines (found in the fine print) is a no-brainer!

If you understand the TYPES of scholarships available, this will help immensely.

Types of Scholarships

Funding sources for scholarships primarily come from:

  1. Australian Government
  2. University or TAFE
  3. Industry for example an engineering company may offer a scholarship for a degree in engineering. Sometimes these may be tied to a particular university – sometimes not.
  4. Philanthropic – charitable organisations

University / TAFE Factoids…

Luckily, through your University application process (any State – e.g., VTAC / UAC) you will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships without too much hassle or perspiration. But don’t forget, there are many hidden ones that will require a bit of digging on your behalf.

Before you grab your shovel, you may want to understand the types of scholarships that universities provide, as this may assist in your hunt. There can be:  

  • Faculty Scholarships (eg Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Course Scholarships (eg. Bachelor of Science)
  • Some Universities may offer scholarships for Rural / Regional students (maybe to assist with the costs of relocation, or for your books)
  • Sport Scholarships
  • Female, Indigenous & Disability Scholarships (often referred to as Equity)
  • Co-operative (a partnership between Uni, Industry & the student) – conditions will apply
  • Some larger Universities, may offer a specific Campus scholarship
  • Many student Residences (including Colleges – which is the name they give to some accommodation places) offer accommodation style scholarships.
  • You may sign on for a bonded scholarship, where  certain conditions bind you; e.g., work for a company for an agreed period upon completion of (or sometimes during) your course.

Let the sleuth loose….!

Now you have a little know-how, I recommend the following websites to begin your scholarship sleuthing:

Study Assist

GovernmentAssist Enter your details in the Study Assist web site (opens in new window). This web site is for Government scholarships.
Grant Search grantsearch www.grantsearch is Australia’s original and most comprehensive funding database. It costs money to search this database, so it depends on how serious you are about locating a scholarship – or your school may subscribe – check and see.

University Scholarships

Go straight to the horses mouth – aka the website of your preferred University. Try the Good Universities Search Engine


Another way to catch scholarships as they sprout is to keep your eyes/ears in TV, news feeds, bulletins, newspapers, radio and other forms of media.

If you know of other fabulous scholarship websites or info, please leave a comment, and I will happily follow-up!
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