Where does one start?

How much does it cost? Do you live on-campus? Do you live off-campus? Will you be safe? Will you like it? What accommodation options are there?…

Please note the following is intended as a guide only, your own research will equip you with the knowledge to select the correct accommodation for you:


  • ‘On-campus’ means that the accommodation is on or near the University and there are three distinct types:

ONE – Residential Colleges

  • Colleges are usually located within walking distance of the university to which they are affiliated.
  • Fantastic services including meals, assistance with your transition into University, tutors to assist with your studies, a room to yourself, and shared facilities like bathrooms, libraries, gyms and student lounges. A multicultural environment with students from across the world as neighbours. A very structured environment. This can be an expensive way to live but you can pretty well guarantee that there are no hidden costs.

TWO – Halls of Residence

  • Also usually within walking distance but as a general rule the rooms are smaller and the services provided aren’t as plentiful. But you get what you pay for! Some residences are self-catering. Although this option isn’t as expensive as the above some hidden costs may await.

THREE – Student Villages (on-campus)

  • You can elect to live in a house style environment (eg. 8 people to a building) with shared facilities like laundry, kitchen & bathrooms. Some villages (affiliated with a university) may not necessarily be close to the university – transport is usually provided.
  • If you are in a Hall of Residence or Student Village, you usually have a resident mentor (a 3rd year uni student) who will help you settle in and assist with any issues which may arise.


Student Villages

  • There are some “villages” (or equivalent of) who are not affiliated with a University but are strategically located within walking (or free bus service) distance to a number of Uni’s or TAFES. There are different rooming options which will determine the cost – but these options are usually quite competitive and should be considered when making accommodation decisions.

Shared Houses

  • Can be cheaper per week but don’t forget that you have to set them up. By the time you acquire the necessary furniture and kitchen appliances the cost can mount quickly. Shared housing can quickly destroy friendships (or make lasting ones!) If you plan to share a house we recommend that you visit Consumer Affairs Victoria to ensure you are fully educated about the pros and cons of the rental market. Finding rental properties is difficult and students will need the support of parents (as guarantors) to make the search marginally easier.

Boarding or Home-stay

  • You may choose to say with a family, essentially ‘renting’ a room in their home. Usually some meals are provided and bathroom / laundry facilities shared with the family. If you want less distractions to study this is a good option, particularly if you find the right family. Home-stay connections can usually be found through the campus housing office.

10 Questions to ask when researching accommodation options:

  1. How far from the campus is the accommodation?
  2. What type of security is there?
  3. Is all furniture/fittings supplied?
  4. Where is the laundry?
  5. Can I park my car there and is there a charge for this?
  6. Do I pay for the school holidays?
  7. Where do I store my stuff during the longer Christmas break?
  8. How soon do I apply for accommodations?
  9. Is there a deposit required to apply for accommodation?
  10. When do I find out if I get the accommodation and what other options are available if I don’t get in?

Suggested Accommodation Places

Bell City – Le Student 8 Situated in Bell Street Preston, with free shuttle buses to Uni. At Le Student 8 your room is just one part of the total package offered. With an emphasis on a safe, secure and fun environment student guests are able to enjoy quality study time combined with great events and social activities. All electricity, water and gas utilities are included in the affordable weekly rate as well as access to 4 star leisure facilities including a 24 hour gymnasium, Melbourne’s largest resort style pool, BBQ area, basketball court, recreation room with a BIG screen TV with Foxtel, Internet Café and Games Machines. With accommodation options of single or double studio and twin share check out T: 9485 0100 or email Angeline the student liaison officer

College Square – YMCA– College Square student accommodation provides a home away from home in the heart of the city, for students studying in Melbourne. Two locations in Lygon and Swanston Street within walking distance to UoM and RMIT.

  • College Square on Lygon: 9349 3600
  • College Square on Swanston: 9349 2500

Charles Sturt – Albury Wodonga Student accommodation at Albury-Wodonga Campus is available at the Thurgoona location. Each environmentally friendly cottage has 6-8 fully furnished single student bedrooms, a common room and two bathrooms.

Deakin Follow this link Deakin Accommodation to find out about on and off campus accommodation options available at Geelong, Melbourne & Warrnambool.

Kew Student Residence Established by the Kew Baptist Church in 1961 this residence aims to provide a safe, supportive environment for young adults moving to Melbourne to undertake tertiary studies at a number of universities and colleges. Not far from Swinburne Uni and close to public transport. All meals are provided (packed lunch for uni!) P: 98535402

LaTrobe – Bundoora Bundoora campus has a number of options including: Chisholm, Glenn, Menzies, Graduate House, The University Lodge, Barnes Way & Waterdale Apartments. For full details contact the La Trobe Residential Services T: 94791565 E: or Web:

Monash University – On campus accommodation options: Off Campus accommodation:

NMIT – try yarrahouse (opens in new window).

RMIT Village Old Melbourne A stone’s throw from RMIT & the University of Melbourne – fully furnished, ultra modern apartments, heated pool and student support. Located on Flemington Road with a number of different rooming options to select from. T: 833302000 E: Students from any tertiary institution can apply. RMIT

The Residential Colleges & Halls – The University of MelbourneUOM – There are 12 colleges which admit undergraduate/postgraduate students all on campus or within easy walking distance of The University of Melbourne. Although the majority of residents study at The University of Melbourne, there are a limited number of places for students studying at neighbouring institutions:

Victoria UniversityAffordable Student Accommodation

  • New building (in 2017) – – possibly only for VU students.
  • Sunbury Hall – located right on the historic Sunbury Campus with peaceful rural and city views within easy access of campuses at Melton and St Albans.

UniLodge – “Your Place” – provides accommodation in 11 separate locations in & around Melbourne, including Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus. Fully furnished accommodation with safe and secure living environments. Visit:

Last Ditch Accommodation…

For those who have left their run too late, you can download this PDF file Last Minute Uni Accommodation – …. this list is compiled by Sandie McKoy, Career Education and Development Leader at Catholic College Wodonga. If you would like to subscribe to Sandie’s weekly career news you can contact her at

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