Hands-up if you like hands-on learning!

  • If you like hands-on learning, then Vocational Education & Training (VET) may be for you!

Some VET Subjects….

  • are TRADE based
    • like building, plumbing & electrical

Other VET Subjects….

  • focus on developing skills for SPECIFIC OCCUPATIONS
    • such as Aviation, Business and Health Services.

A VET qualification WILL

  • assist you in entering the workforce AND
  • allow you to continue building your qualifications throughout your career (completing a VET qualification will often give you credit for a more advanced qualification!)

OK, so WHERE can a VET course lead to?

Most VET courses

  • have the advantage of being ‘competency based’ which means you gain the qualification once you have achieved the required skill level
  • are part of national training packages, which are written and updated in consultation with relevant industry bodies. So it doesn’t matter where you study VET (within Australia), your Certificate will be recognised in all other States.

What you learn in a VET class

Other things you need to know about VET…

  • Schools in and around Shepparton run VET Classes (usually, but not always, on a Wednesday).
  • Students can enrol in a VET class at their (or another school), one day per week, whilst still attending their ‘normal’ classes on the other 4 days.
  • For example a
    • St Mary’s student from Nathalia can study VET Multimedia at McGuire, or a
    • Cobram student can choose to study VET Electrical at Shepparton TEC.
  • Not all schools run VET, however, most schools will have a teacher who will help you to decide whether you can, or want to, study a VET subject.

When do you enrol in VET?

  • Expressions of interest and interviews for enrolling in VET subjects are conducted in August to November each year for the following year. The majority of students begin VET in Year 11 (and study for two years) however many Year 10 students fast-track as well.

Find your VET coordinator at your school and have a chat to them!


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