GAP Year

What is a GAP Year??

  • This is a year off between Secondary School and University/TAFE to save money, take a breath, travel, stop studying… before you get back into it again.
  • 5o Utterly Unmissable Gap Year Articles (just to get you in the mood!).

Web sites to explore:

Gap ADF The Australian Defence Force has some amazing gap year opportunities.

gap antipodeans

Antipodeans Abroad – Aussie Website

Aventure - UK website

Aventure – UK website

gap camp america

Camp America – US Website

gap volunteer abroad

Volunteer Abroad

gap medics

Gap Medics – for a Health Gap

gap au pair

Cultural Care Au Pair – Child Minding

gap letslive


au pair america

au pair america

gap projects

projects abroad



gap real

real gap experience

au pair world

au pair world


the leap

EA Snow and Ski

EA Snow and Ski

tutors worldwide

tutors worldwide

Help with Travel Arrangements

Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

If you experienced a gap year PLEASE leave a comment to share your experiences…

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