Should you choose VCAL?

Here is the official link for the serious VCAL stuff. I supply my own – shorter – version below.

VCAL (aka Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) is a fantastic way to spend your senior years at school if you:

  • like hands-on learning
  • want a job straight after school
  • want to build up your resume
  • enjoy working in teams
  • like to work on projects

There are THREE levels of VCAL: Foundation, Intermediate & Senior. The higher the level, the more you achieve. Your school will work with you to decide which level is best for you.

You add a touch of spice to your VCAL by studying a VET subject or participating in a school based apprenticeship.


Uni & VCAL

Getting to Uni with a VCAL Certificate is problematic, although not entirely impossible. So think about this before deciding on the VCAL pathway. Talk to the relevant people at your school.

How do I decide?

I find it helpful to draw up a list (like the one here). That way it is easier when you talk it over with others (parents, teachers and Careers Advisor). If talking doesn’t work, then nag!

VCAL 4 Life

Here is a great clip to get you thinking!

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