Year 10

Are you in Year 10?

During Year 10, you will have much to decide, and your school will carefully guide you through the crazy career maze.

I have (because I can) ferreted around various web sites and picked some crackers to help you with your decision making processes.  They are not in any particular order (that is my style) but, here they are:

CSU – Charles Sturt University

The CSU Year 10 web site is so simple, it’s almost stupid! FANTASTIC. Have a go at exploring the links at CSU!


LaTrobe Year 10 website – explains university stuff very nicely – with some videos and students blogs to explore too! Woo Hoo!

Melbourne University

If Melbourne University is on the top of your wish list, then you can’t possibly go past the Kwong Lee Dow Scholarship! Don’t leave it till later, read the fine print NOW!

Even if Melbourne Uni is NOT on your wish list, you can still dip your toe into the KLDS waters!


Study a university subject whilst in Year 12! Whew, heavy stuff! I know, Year 12 is MILES away, however, you will need to get your thinking gear around the facts NOW, so here it is: Monash Extension Program.


This is the famous web site where you apply for University at the end of your mystical and far off Year 12. You can pop in a ‘dummy’ VCE program and explore the options available to you based on the program.

  • VTAC Coursesearch HINT: Click on the ‘Victorian Year 9 and 10‘ link. At certain times of the year Coursesearch is unavailable, so you might have to check back in at another time.
  • Publication for Year 10 students: VTAC produces an information booklet outlining the pre-requisites (subjects you MUST have) for entry into various university courses.  HINT: Scroll down and look for “Publications for Year 10 and 11 students” and download the 2017 publication.

My Fav!

I know I am a nerd, hyperventilating about career websites, however, you seriously can’t go past The Good Universities Guide.

Your Favs!

  • Your VCE Program Manager, subject counsellor or Careers Advisor have nothing better to do than answer your AMAZING questions! (Don’t tell them I said that!). Drill them. Nag them. Don’t let them escape until you are satisfied with the answer! (In the meantime I will change my phone number!)
  • SOMETIMES – you may, if you look hard enough, find the answer to your AMAZING career questions simply by re-visiting the good old job guide. This pearl of a web-site SHOULD be one of your FAVS! If it’s not, shame on you!


If you are a bigger nerd than me, and want to share a web site which has slipped my radar. Share away I say! If you have a QUESTION, just ASK! I don’t bite! My name is Fay by the way. And, seriously, there is no such thing as a stupid question!

I wish you well with your planning in the next few months… 

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