Yep, a FREE app for AAP’s!

Q. What is AAP?

A. Australian Apprenticeship Pathways.


Why should you bother?

There are a squillion jobs that can begin with an apprenticeship or traineeship. (Well, maybe I exaggerate!)

You can search through over 3000 examples of apprenticeship and trainee occupations on this free app.

Look Out….  While the app doesn’t show real jobs, it does give you an idea of the type of apprenticeships & traineeships you can do, and this gives you the power to negotiate with your current boss, or a future one.  (aka, show them the AAP APP and ask them if they can turn your job into a traineeship or apprenticeship. Simples!)

Heck, if you are going to work for money, you may as well turn it into a qualification along the way!!

Don’t you think that having qualifications under your belt makes you rather attractive to employers? (Sorry, that sounds kinda creepy – but you know what I mean!)  This, in turn, makes job seeking (for the future you) far easier.

Spending 10 minutes of your time, exploring this app, is a great investment for your future!

Here is the link:

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