Why Choose VCAL?

questionTo VCAL or not to VCAL – that is the question…

VCAL (aka Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) is a fantastic way to spend your senior years at school if you:

  • like hands-on learning
  • want a job straight after school
  • want to build up your resume
  • enjoy working in teams
  • like to work on projects

There are THREE levels of VCAL: Foundation, Intermediate & Senior. The higher the level, the more you achieve. Your school will work with you to decide which level is best for you.

You add a touch of spice to your VCAL by studying a VET subject or participating in a school based apprenticeship.


Uni & VCAL

Getting to Uni with a VCAL Certificate is problematic, although not entirely impossible. So think about this before deciding on the VCAL pathway. Talk to the relevant people at your school.

How do I decide?

I find it helpful to draw up a list (like the one here). That way it is easier when you talk it over with others (parents, teachers and Careers Advisor). If talking doesn’t work, then nag!

Official VCAL link…

Here is the official link for the serious VCAL stuff.

VCAL 4 Life

Here is a great clip to get you thinking!

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