Maths & Science Careers

Do you enjoy Math and Science subjects at school?

  • Have you considered pursuing a career in these areas?
  • You may like to explore careers in Mathematics, Sciences (earth, computer, life, astrophysics and physical) and engineering.


If you are a logical and analytical person who enjoys solving problems with numbers, you may like to explore a career in Math and Statistics. Go to the following websites to find out more:


If you are practical, like to know how things work and enjoy analyzing and solving problems, you should explore careers in Engineering. Check out the following sites:


There are several broad disciplines in Science.

  • Physical science is for people who like to ask questions about why things are the way they are in the world around us. School subjects include Chemistry and Physics.
  • Computer science is for people who like to understand how computers work and to learn how develop new programs and systems.
  • Life sciences is for people who like to ask questions and think about living things and covers areas such as Medicine, biology and ecology.
  • Astrophysics is for people who are fascinated with the universe, stars and space exploration.
  • Earth science is for people who are interested in soil, rocks, weather and the natural environment.

For more information about science careers, browse through the following links:

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