Just a little old list….

2014 6We all possess a powerful tool. And NO it is not a body part!

Our most valuable career tool is called a LIST.  Yep, a simple everyday list,  similar to, but a heck of a lot longer than a shopping list.

This list is a list of PEOPLE.

When I ask teenagers to write down the names of all the people they know, they look at me blankly and say ’but I don’t know anyone!’.  Are you serious?  What about those smelly bodies sitting next to you in the classroom?! You don’t have to be best friends with that person, you just have to know their name and that they have lungs and are drawing a breath. There are lot’s of breathing examples: parents, neighbours, teachers, footballers, cricket players, butchers, lawyers, lolly-pop lady, relatives… and the list goes on.

If you know their name, write it down. There is your list! Ooh, and don’t forget your Facebook contacts!

Every person’s list has the potential to deliver miracles! And, I have witnessed the power of the list on many occasions, which is why I am in awe of this great little career tool.

Of course, having names on a sheet of paper won’t procure anything remarkable unless you learn two little questions:

  1. Do you know…..
  2. Can you recommend me to …..

For example, if you would like work experience as an auto mechanic.  You ask EVERY person on your list

1. Do you know an auto mechanic?

    2.a  YES: Can you recommend me to him/her for work experience?

    2.b  NO: OK thanks for your time.

Of course you must follow up any leads, otherwise your list will be useless (or a little listless … LOL!)

The same principle applies if you are looking for part or full time work. Simple!

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