UMAT – Undergraduate Medicine & Health Sciences Admissions Test


Medicine – Dentistry – Optometry

If you are interested in heading to University to study medicine, dentistry, or optometry you may need to sit the compulsory UMAT (examination). 

To find out if you have to sit the test, open the UMAT 2015 Information Booklet have an explore, then go to the UMAT Web Site if you need to register.

This information is handy to know if you are in Year 10 or 11 (prepare for your future).  Year 12s sit the UMAT test.

 Not 100% sure?

If in doubt (ie you are not 100% sure WHERE you want to study, or what your PATHWAY options may look like) then you could play it safe and sit the UMAT anyway. Discuss this with your parents, Senior Program Manager and Careers Advisor first.

UMAT Preparation Materials?

Yes, you can prepare for the test!  UMAT preparation course materials are available and there are a number of options available.  I recommend that you visit my UMAT Page on this blog, here you will find some quick factoids about UMAT and further links to explore.

Whilst here, you may like to swing by my Doctor Scoop-it page…..

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