Focus on Web-Design…

We all use them, but who designs them, how can you become one, where can you study to rock-a-web-design?

cool-new-websitesFirst, you may ask…

Will this job be in demand in the future? Is that important for you to know? According to the Job Outlook Prospects, there will be a high demand for web-designers in the future. Score!

Then you may want to know…

52% of web designers have a degree from University, which means that there are still openings for you to get into this career via TAFE qualifications. Does this appeal to you?

What can you do at Secondary School….?

Studying Art & Computer Studies at school is helpful, plus you need to dig yourself out of the hole of being just a plain older ‘user’ of technology and become more extraordinary by beginning to ‘create’ things on-line.

Also, take every opportunity you can to talk to web-designers – you know at career events, school excursions, work experience etc.

Now, I guess you want to know more….?

Here is a great video clip from the iwannab website to begin your web-design career contemplation:

There is another video (top right corner) and some basic facts about web design (plus where you can study) at:

For a list of courses (in Victoria) to help you get into web design, go to:

Then what….?

Can I suggest that you have a go at putting a free web-page together (there are free web-site building sites such as & Doing this may help you to decide if this is ‘the thing’ for you.

What can you use for content on your web-page? Try the information from your resume…  an e-resume with your personal web-page!

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