eventAttending a career event is a bit like connecting jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Here are 7 pieces:

  1. You find the person with a career you are interested in,
  2. you grill them about their (aka ‘your’) career,
  3. you extract information (ie personal qualities needed for the job, type of training or training, where to go for this training or education etc),
  4. you ask for work experience,
  5. you (maybe) try that career,
  6. you find out you like it (nor not)
  7. you use your jigsaw system to plump out your resume or a letter of application….


I will provide an example. Let’s pretend you are interested in a career in Nursing – you could add something like the following to either your resume or letter of application…..

“After attending a few career events and talking to health professionals I really got an understanding of what is required to become a Nurse and the pathways into this career. I was able to secure work experience at the local Hospital—which really confirmed how perfect this career choice is for me.”

Q. Why would an employer be impressed with this information?

A. It proves you have demonstrated a passion and interest in this career and you have actively pursued your interests.

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