Focus on Aged Care

elderlyI like to think of old people as young-un’s trapped in wrinkly skin!

Once upon a time, they were (like you) young, and invincible….  But time stands still for no-one, and gravity pulls at different parts of the body gradually creating saggy-baggy bits and deep wrinkles. The desire to be agile and supple is still there, but the body refuses to cooperate.  The bones begin to creak and groan.

Inside, however, they still feel the same: full of mischief or fun, doubt or curiosity – traits they had when younger. For some, strange things happen to their brain (dementia or Alzheimers) and they no longer feel like the same person they were. For other’s, different diseases will speed their ageing process (Parkinson’s, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes)…

Special nurses help older people feel young and worthwhile again, and it is a very rewarding, warming and challenging career to aspire to – Aged Care Nurse.

The following Youtube clip (from the pretty cool web site: may inspire you:

The information below (use the scroll bar inside the box) has some useful information about how to get into this career….

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