Career Focus – Flight Attendant

I am in complete awe of immaculate Flight Attendants who seem to be able to coolly cope with a barrage of seemingly ridiculous demands from other humanoids… they are amazing…!!
My Padlet (below – use the scroll bars) has some basic clues about becoming a flight attendant (aka air-hostess)…

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  1. hi
    I was wondering weather you know if there is any training courses for being a flight attendant at Geelong Deakin water front campus? thank you

    • Hi Abbey, Deakin University at Geelong Waterfront offers bachelor degrees mostly and their Areas of Study can be found at…. Becoming a flight attendant does not required a Bachelors Degree, and can be achieved through TAFE providers – for example William Angliss in Melbourne.. Having a secondary language can be helpful too… Also experience in the hospitality industry or customer service… Here is a helpful link with more information and links to try…

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