Learning is different at Uni….

lecture theatreI have had the pleasure, on many occasions, of listening to Uni students discuss their transition from Secondary to Tertiary education.

They all say the same thing… That

the learning style at Uni was a total shock to their system.

Secondary School teachers are sweet-as, they know you by name, nag you to hand things in on time and are continually on your back about drafting timelines and dreaded deadlines. They are also known to shift dates to accommodate your hand-work-in-on-time-slackness.

Like I said, sweet!

University Lecturers however are a different species altogether. The sheer volume of students in their lectures means that they will probably never know your name, the only thing they care about is providing you with enough information and inspiration for you to pass the course, and will mark your work. End of care-factor. End of story!

If you miss a deadline, honey, that ain’t nobody’s problem but your own. A-no-questions-asked-FAIL! Awkward!

First-year-first-term uni students can find the adaptation from one learning style to another quite confronting, but normally survive by acclimatising to the new adult-like-learning method.

Perhaps, you can remember this wee-true-story next time your (sweet) teacher is nagging you to hand in work!
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