Parents And Uni Info

parenthoodIt can be a little daunting helping your child apply for (or assist them with choosing a) University. There is so much information out there, and it can be hard to know where to start.

Most Universities have a parent page on their web-site. These pages provide a fab intro to the uni-lingo you will need to grasp (particularly if you are a new-to-uni-parent).

Some Universities have a parent newsletter to which you can subscribe and receive timely emails about important ‘stuff’ which is kinda cool, like a dig in the ribs to help you keep on track.

Hawt tip: If little Joanie/Eddie can't make up her/his mind about which Uni she/he wants to go to, then just select one or two of the below to explore - most (BASIC) uni information is transferable from one to another.

The Australian Catholic Uni (ACU)


Charles Sturt University offer the ‘Little Bird‘ service at:


Deakin offer ‘your child, their future‘ at:


La Trobe University have some great video clips you can watch at:


RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’ has an informative parents page at:


Monash also provides a dedicated parents page at:


The University of Melbourne provides great info on their parent page:


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