Enrolling with a Private Education Provider?

Seriously, how do you KNOW if a Private University or Education Provider is top notch?  Do you really want to waste your precious money on a dodgy course?

acpetTa Dah… ACPET (Australian Council for Private Education & Training), is your super hero when it comes to making this expensive decision..

You can feel mighty confident that if ACPET endorses an education provider then you are in safe hands.

Only courses which have passed rigorous testing will get the tick of approval from ACPET.  AND, if something DOES go pear-shaped (wrong), then ACPET will jump on the problem straight away.

So how do you find out who is registered with ACPET?  Here are the steps to find out:

  • Open the ACPET web-site www.acpet.edu.au
  • Hover over the students tab (purple)
  • Click on ACPET Catalogue
  • If you find your intended (private) education provider here on this list, then you are on the right track!

NOTE: Providers registered with ACPET should also display the ACPET logo somewhere (usually at the bottom) of their web-site.

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