SKILLS – Administration or Office

adminIt's weird, but you can gain office / admin skills almost without realising it... usually you are good at juggling things... read on to find out more...


You might have Office/Admin Skills if you are:

  • A Secretary for a club or committee
  • A Treasurer for a club or committee
  • A committee member
  • School Captain
  • SRC Rep
  • VCAL Student – Personal Development
  • Business Management – (small business)
  • Help with family business

These are just some examples.

Tell YOUR story…

The best way to find YOUR skills in the office/admin area is to tell YOUR story.

What does that mean?

officeI provide Amy’s story as an EXAMPLE, remember to do YOUR story step by step AND include what other people think about your role in your story….

What is your Story Amy?

  • My parents own a hotel.

What do you do?

  • The reception is near the lounge room so I will answer the phone and take bookings

What next?

  • I meet and greet people who come in to ask about accommodation and answer their questions about costs etc, or they might just be checking in.

What next?

  • I enter details into the booking system.

What next?

  • I can receipt monies by using the EFTPOS machine.

What next?

  • I ask if they want breakfast and point out that the booking sheet will be in their room.

What next?

  • I explain where their room is and give them their keys.

What next?

  • I show them a map of town (if they ask) and explain where things are.

What do you think the Customers think about you?

  • They probably think that I am friendly and helpful.


Amy could write something like this in her resume.



Amy might be able to mention words or phrases like these in her resume:

  • Telephones – Answering / making calls
  • Messages – Taking / relaying
  • Errands – Running / delegating
  • Filing – Retrieving / putting away
  • Public Speaking – Using PA / writing speeches / delivering speeches / rehearsals
  • Computers – Emailing / researching / Word Documents / Excel Documents / Powerpoint presentations
  • Minutes – Taking / typing / distributing
  • Agendas – Organising / typing / distributing
  • Merchandise – Organising / ordering / selling / returning excess /
  • Functions – Organising / advertising / attending / selling tickets /
  • Financial – Treasurer / banking / reporting / mounting money / writing cheques / fund raising
  • Talking – To students / teachers / Principals / businesses / community members

Still stuck?

Here are some examples of Admin / Office Skills:

  • As School Captain I am responsible for taking minutes at meetings, liaising with staff and students, making telephone calls to community members and organising school events.
  • As a member of the SRC I am responsible for fund-raising and attending meetings on a regular basis. We listen to and act upon ideas from our peers.
  • As a Committee member for my netball club, I am responsible for organising the roster for the canteen. This involves phone calls and approaching members at matches.
  • Our Business Management group ran a small business. This included selling shares to staff members and students, counting money, selling products, liaising with business people and redistributing profits.
  • Running a business in VCAL – we made red gum hangers and organised the sale of these products to staff and students. We had to sell shares, count money, liaise with office staff and tally up the profits.
  • I work part time in my family’s hotel/motel, I take bookings, answer the phone, pass on messages, organise breakfasts and problem solve as issues arise.

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