Emerging Occupations…

An emerging occupation can be defined as being new enough that it has not yet developed clear career paths or clear job titles. There are new and emerging jobs and industries in Australia, which didn’t exist in the current form a few years ago.”

The above paragraph is from the myfuture website. Trends show that Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Information Technology are sectors experiencing massive changes.

data minerShort videos showcasing some of the emerging occupations

  • social media manager,
  • community engagement officer,
  • online business entrepreneur,
  • data miner and
  • futurist

are ready for your viewing and consideration at myfuture.

ICT ahead….

It is safe to say that most emerging occupations involve technology. (Here is an excellent article about the future of ICT: Who Will Own the Robots? The article is lengthy, so it is worth brewing yourself a beverage first.)

Expanding your repertoire of ICT skills is a no-brainer for your future prospects.

  • Be not afraid of tackling new programs.
  • Don’t baulk at coding.
  • Have a crack at creating things (e.g., apps).
  • Put time aside to truly master software — even Word or Excel – you will be surprised at how much they can do!
Time spent PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES can be better utilised by up-sizing your IT skills.
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