An old fashioned career tactic…

shhIt’s no secret…

…that plain-old-good-manners can leave a lasting and positive impression.

There is one old-fashioned-dinosaur-habit that takes a little time to do, costs next-to-nothing and can assist you build a ’brand’ that an employer will remember.

After all, being remembered (for all the right reasons) is what you want for your future job-seeking-self!

Once upon a time…

… your boss, when he/she was a child, probably gave a card (and possibly a gift) to their teacher/s at the end of the school year. A simple gesture to thank them for their time and efforts. This type of ‘thank-you’ was a common occurrence and part of the DNA of young people—and families—at that time.

Some people still write thank-you notes today, but sadly it is becoming less common.

The card, or acknowledgement, represents a bond between the giver and the receiver. A positive memory.

Once upon a future…

…Ok, now that I have set the scene. Here is how you can create a great impression next time you complete a successful work experience, placement or a part-time job.

Remember that the act of ‘thanking’ people is in the ‘DNA’ of your boss and they respond well to this act.

There are numerous ways you can thank your boss; shown in the graphic below.


Snail Mail Links


Once you have decided on a method, and BEFORE sending or posting any message/s it would be sagacious (wise) to have another person look over your wording. You don’t want the effect of your message lost because of glaring grammatical errors or sentences that can be misconstrued!

yawnWhy bother?

For a miniscule amount of time and effort, you can create a positive memory in the mind of your boss. When you are older, and job seeking, your boss may recall the gratitude you demonstrated in the past.

Although this doesn’t  guarantee a position with him/her, it is more likely that they will mention you to other employers—in a positive way.

It is like ‘paying forward’.

parents_thanksWhat to write…

I provide some inspiration about what to write on social media – you can help their business by pushing a product or service at the same time – I have chosen a hairdressing establishment for these examples:

  • Your FB Page: Finished my work experience, I had a really cool week. If you are looking for a great haircut try Follicle-Curls!
  • Their FB Page: Thank you to Follicle-Curls for showing me the ropes during my Work Experience week. I love my new hair style – thank you everyone!

Don’t forget to tag relevant people in your posts.

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