Avoid da Email?

Do you IGNORE your emails?

Well, YOU might, but Employers, don’t and Universities don’t. The Australian Defence Force definitely doesn’t.

In fact, most businesses LOVE doing business via email.

EMAILS are still one of the working world’s main forms of communication.

ratI could rat-out on a number of my students who missed out on jobs, scholarships and work experience because they didn't check their emails… but I wont!

dinosaurYes, you might reckon that the dinosaurs (older people) need to move into the ‘moment‘ and get ‘with‘ the way that you like to (electronically) communicate.

However, remember, that these pre-historic animals are the ones who:

  • pay your wages ($$)
  • offer you jobs
  • offer you placements at TAFE/Uni

check email

Email Mojo

So, the moral of this story is that YOU need to get into THEIR emailing-mojo, not the other way around!

Don’t become a #didntgetthejobasaurus-rex because you failed to check your emails.

Make the @ part of your daily app-tactics!


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