What does your ATAR ball say?

Wouldn’t it be nice to gaze into a crystal ball, see what your ATAR is and whether you get 25 in English or 30 in Maths Methods—which-you-so-desperately-need-for-the-course-you-must-have?

That’d be some-kinda-awesome!

What happens if there is a massive crack in your crystal ball/s and your ATAR is well-below-what-you-need and-you-hadn’t-planned-for-an-alternative?

Bother the balls says I, and B smart with a plan B! (C + D + E + F)

dogThat is why it is altogether-stupendously-clever to attend TAFE events during the end of year rush (Nov-Dec)


Many diplomas and certificates offered by TAFE (and Local Learning Centres for that matter) can lead you to your desired degree—it might take a little longer, but heck, if you want to sink-your-teeth-into-your-dream, then… go n’ chase it down!

Info Sessions

And, did you know, that entry into many TAFE courses means that you MUST attend an info session?

Like, totals inconvenient!

As I said, these info sessions take place toward the end of each year (and some in January) — so tuck this info away for future use.

Be smart, and begin your plan B now by researching your local TAFE  (or Local Learning Centre) website.

Or… Click here for GOTAFE’s schedule of info sessions.

Crystal Balls don’t exist, but YOU do, ‘B’ real and plan ahead!


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