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Good Uni Guide 2016

For Secondary Students thinking about going to TAFE or University, The Good Universities Guide is a corker of a book to help you make important decisions!

It is written in plain English (a breath of fresh air!) and I use it regularly in my day-to-day career chats with students.

What makes The Good Universities Guide particularly awesome is not just its comprehensive, national list of degree courses – the Guide actually compares and rates the quality of:

  • institutions and
  • areas of study

They do this rating against a diverse list of criteria, relevant to students… Cool!

There are a number of ways to explore The Good Universities Guide and here they are:

  • Website – FREE
  • Ebook – FREE – but need to register with an email address.
  • Order a Hard Copy $24.95 – for your coffee table
  • Borrow a hard copy from your Schools’ Career Practioner

With school holidays looming, The Good Universities Guide could provide insightful reading and ideas for your post-secondary-school chapter. I highly recommend you spend a little time exploring it.

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