vet2If I had a dollar for every time a student said to me that they want to be a Vet when they grow up, I would be #an_extremely_wealthy_women!

I must admit, I do harp on about this topic every year, but I still get MANY fresh-faced Year 9s and 10s in my office saying 'I want to be a vet'.

Love of animals is a common feeling expressed by many of my students. They are also told, frequently, to do (or aim to do) what they love. So these two factors (loving animals and turning this into a job) mean that teenagers automatically think that becoming a Vet is the best possible way forward.

Parents are also happy to encourage their child to become a vet, believing that a love of animals is the key ingredient for this career. Seriously, STOP THAT!

vet3Aspiring to be a vet is very admirable, but the very harsh reality is that becoming a veterinary DOCTOR is extremely HARD – and if you don’t like (and enjoy… and are good at, no excellent at!) maths, English and sciences, then you will never get into veterinary sciences at university. No matter how much you love animals.

A human doctor needs to understand ONE body (human), a veterinary doctor needs to understand... oh so many more!

Even students who ARE passionate about maths and sciences… won’t necessarily a vet become – there is simply way too much competition and only the highest scoring students make it into vet science at uni. (There is some dispensation for a handful of rural / regional / disadvantaged students).

Luckily there are bucket loads of other careers which involve working with animals (and which will probably provide a better income!)

If you want to become a Vet then you MUST:

  • vet4research what is involved.
  • know where you can go to study to become a Vet,
  • the subjects you need for Year 11 & 12,
  • the ATAR you are aiming for and
  • the other pathways available into veterinary science.
  • understand all the other AMAZING careers that involve working with animals!

I have put together a bit of a collection of worthwhile info to start your research.

Need to be GREAT at: Maths, English, Sciences (Biol, Chem, Physics)
Work Experience:
Work Experience is POPULAR – and you face fierce competition from Secondary, TAFE and University students looking for work experience placements.  
  • HOT TIP: Next time you are in the Veterinary Surgery (with your pet), ASK about placement (many Vets will give existing customers precedence over non-customers).
  • Organise your placement well in advance (even the year before).
  • Check with your Career Practitioner for the procedures your local Vet likes to follow for work experience.
  • Try these suggestions at my work experience blog.
Basics Try the Job Guide or WebWombat
Official Website Vets can join this association, The Australian Veterinarian Association.
Youtube Watch videos on Youtube can give you a better understanding of this career.  I found it best to type in: “Veterinarian Career Information” or “How to Become a Veterinarian
University Links

VIC – The University of Melbourne – Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

SA – Adelaide University – School of Animal and Veterinary Science

WA – Murdoch University – Veterinary Science

NSW – The University of Sydney – Faculty of Veterinary Science

NSW – Charles Sturt University – Animal & Veterinary Sciences

QLD – The University of Queensland – School of Veterinary Science

Visit Attend open days and information sessions.
Perservance You will need this aplenty for a career with animals!


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