Career Clue: Body Odour

body odourAhhhh, the sweet aroma of festy-arm-pits! And the pungent smell of other, unmentionable, parts!

What has that got to do with careers? A whole lot!

Employers of some work experience students in our region had to spray air freshener each time the student left the room to dispel the stench.

Maybe I exaggerate, but I never let the truth get in the way of a good story!!

HONESTLY, bad body odour is not what you want to be remembered for when you finish work experience or walk in to ask about a job.

What can be done?

EVERY day you should:

  • shower (with a cake of soap),
  • wash your hair (with shampoo),
  • wear clean clothes (including knickers/jocks),
  • try deodorant on your armpits (it truly helps).
  • sprinkle foot powder in shoes – this can also combat odours
  • brush your teeth – this is another orifice where smelly bacteria can lurk!
  • avoid drowning yourself in aftershave or perfume, some bosses find this to be almost as offensive as bad body odour – subtlety is the key!
  • avoid (if possible) wearing materials which grab onto odour – polypropylene is guilty of doing this.

Here is my Youtube clip about body odour.

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