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When I quiz some of my Year 10 ‘wanna-b-Drs’ about their maths and science abilities, they turn up their nose and admit that they are either no good at it, or don’t really LIKE it!

Really? Honey, you ain’t gonna be a Doctor then!  

I am not trying to put you off, aspiring to be a Doctor (medical practitioner) is very admiral, but you won’t find a Doctors Degree in a Cornflakes packet!  You HAVE to be competitive and academically mega-strong (particularly in Maths & Sciences) to get into medicine at university.

You may be high achieving in YOUR school (which is fan-bleedin-tastic) but how do you compare to your peers across your State (eg Victoria?) You are swimming in a very big pond of hungry wanna-b-Drs!

It takes up to 7 Years to become a Doctor and it involves a lot of planning and study to succeed.

Yes, there are pathways to becoming a Doctor, which is totally sick, BUT you STILL need to be ‘up there’ academically.

Luckily there are a plethora of other careers in the health sector where you can make a difference.


  1. doctor2You can purchase a great book about becoming a Doctor in Australia. ACER sells this book called “So You Want To Be A Doctor
  2. Here is an online article worth reading How to Become a Doctor in Australia
  3. Explore medical Gap Year opportunities My Gap Medics
  4. Look at all the specialisations and discover the relevant study pathways to becoming a medical practitioner at The Good Universities Guide
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