Aptitude – a test

TestIf you apply for an apprenticeship—or for the Defence Force, or for a job in a larger organisation (eg. Government) you may be asked to sit an aptitude test.

What does aptitude’ mean?

“A natural tendency to do something well, especially one that can be further developed”.

Companies use the results to select suitable candidates for positions within their company. The Defence Force use the aptitude test to understand your #best_fit within their huge organisation.

aptitude2You will be asked to sit the test as part of the recruitment process, and this is the first ‘filter’ for many organisations. If your score does not reach a pre-determined result, then you are out of the running and asked to leave and/or re-apply.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to practice (similar) aptitude tests, and get a feel for how you might fare in the ‘real deal’.  Don’t be disheartened if you don’t do too well to begin with, just like riding a bike, you won’t get better at the tests unless you practice….. AND… You can always ask your teachers to help with things you don’t understand—so that you can improve on your results next time.

aptitudeAre you ready?

The best way to find out what these tests are like is to try out a few!

Here are some sites to get you started (or you can search for ‘FREE aptitude tests’)

If you know of another great site, please let me know!

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