Friendly Influence…

dropkick2There are many times, as a Career-bot, that I fervently wish I could drop-kick (AFL style) my students into their future.

I want them to land in the future, look back at their school years, and realise that their school mates can be a giant blocker to so many amazing opportunities.

The power of friends is very, well, powerful, and independent thought can suffer as a consequence.
I know students who won’t attend a career excursion or activity because:

  • Their friend isn’t going (regardless of holding a keen interest)
  • They are scared of being different
  • They want to fit in with everyone else
  • They have a hair appointment
  • peer pressureThey have to get out of bed too early
  • They are focussed on ONE particular career, and not interested in anything else – even though that career may not even exist in the future.
  • They double book – forgetting the trip to Queensland
  • They can’t afford it – even the FREE events!
  • They forget their permission slip (don’t get me started on that point!!)

To go, or not to go…

My students will put their names down to attend an event (career event or otherwise), and slowly but surely the peer-pressure begins to eat away at their confidence, they overthink things, and suddenly they are giving up on an opportunity which might present an amazing career pathway.
busThe excursion takes off, but only with a half load.

Sad-face-emoticon! :(

Even if students don’t find anything of interest at events, they can:

  • still get an idea of where different careers fit into the great wide world (after all every job is connected in some way).
  • cross careers off their wish list.
  • see new and emerging careers that will shape the future.
I truly wish I was a champion at drop-kicking (AFL style!)... :)


Here is a worksheet for students to complete. The Friendly Influence Worksheet


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