Leaving School?

marchThe march is on. Come September, October and November there will be a steady stream of VCE / VCAL students on the hunt for full or part-time work.

Incredibly, if you are a Year 12 student, this gives you very little time to prepare – I guess that might mean you would like to know a few tricks to get ahead of the pack?

Become a Stalker…

stalkI don’t condone a career as a ‘stalker’ but that is exactly what you need to become during the next little while – to get you ready for the working world.

Of course, the kind of stalking I am talking about is not the unpleasant kind, but the ‘get me outta here sooner kind.

There is a bucket-load of practical things you can do (stalk-like) between now and the end of the year, to help catapult you into your next chapter of life.

readingWarning: Reading is one of the things you need to do during your stalking phase, it does not necessarily mean reading books, but rather reading things online, just remember:

Reading might be detestable (to you) but it is also unavoidable, so just get over it and get on with it. 

In other words don’t debate or procrastinate, just concentrate, investigate, manipulate and participate!

Here’s what you need to DO:


Be a spider… Stalk the web (LOL!)

Stalk relevant job websites during the coming months (and understand how to use them).

A great starting point for your stalk-research is here on this blog, click on the link Job Hunting…?

When you open this link, you will find relevant job hunting links to explore.

Try some for size!

Work Experience Coordinator

Stalk your work experience coordinator for placement ideas. Work experience (including September holidays) will not only improve your resume, it will expand your networks making it easier to find employment later.

Resume or CV…

dog ate usbStalk your resume:

  • Where is it?
  • Is it up to date?
  • Is it on a device that won’t be lost, stolen or eaten by the dog?
  • Resume secrets here.


Do you have a career portfolio (online or hardcopy)?

Stalk it too!

Careers Practitioner…

Oh, and stalk your Careers Advisor!

Truly! If they don’t know what you want to do when you leave school, how can they help you?

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